Culter was born from the creation of necessity. One of the most important physical tools given to humankind is a knife or sharp object, most likely stone from which a knife was created. I feel privileged to make a tool that is simple yet so essential to everyday life. My goal is to get that tool into your hands.

Even at the age of four, I drew endless pictures of knives and swords until they reached what I thought to be perfection on paper. Then, I would request that my father make them out of wood for me. Everything he made was appreciated and I played with them for days on end. But on close inspection, I would at times notice details that didn't quite match the drawings I had given him, and would sometimes ask if they could be remade. I guess you could say I was a fussy child in that regard. Unfortunately being such a young child, I couldn't use the tools to build my own just yet.

Time passed and it wasn't until I was about to turn 30 when I approached a friend that had started to make kitchen knives for his company. I met with him one evening and offered my help in exchange for learning how to make knives. My first day was spent cutting shapes out of steel and refining their profile on a grinder, after that day I was hooked. From that moment on and over the next 3 years, I taught myself the intricacies of knife making through research, reading and countless attempts of trial and error. 

It all started in a small garage in Toronto that reached temperatures of 35+ degrees in the summer and -15 in the winter. The changes in temperature created challenging work environments not only for myself but for the materials being used as well. Nonetheless, I consistently went in on my free time outside of my full time job to shape and turn blank pieces of steel into functioning knives and pieces of art, refining my skill set and knowledge along the way. 

I have since relocated just on the outskirts of Toronto to start my own company. I wanted to focus more on a larger range of styles all geared towards the culinary world, whether at home or in a restaurant. My goal is to offer this city and the world a knife that can be customized to my customers liking, an essential tool unique to its owner.  

I believe that a knife first and foremost is meant to be used, and not put up in a display case or on a shelf. There are knives suited for that, but this is not the intention I have for the knives I make. I want my customers to hold my products in their hands, comfortable and natural, to feel it glide through whatever it cuts with ease and precision. I want to know that there is a smile and sense of excitement on their face every time one of my knives gets picked up to be used for whatever the task may be. My love, sweat, tears and blood go into the creation of these knives, and I painstakingly make sure each and every one of them meets my satisfaction before being delivered into your hands.   

I plan to continue to grow, learn and refine my professional skills. Knife making is a journey that has no destination. It is a constant road of self discovery, reflection and growth, as is life, and my promise is to approach both with respect and gratitude.

                                                                                                - Michael Radojkovich